Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Retirement... New Blog

So Jessie's Jargon is now going to be retired, but a new blog has been started! For those of you interested, our new blog address is


I still have a little work to go on it, but it's up and running. Adios!

Monday, November 14, 2011


A few engagements...

Thirty isn't so bad...

Many people would prefer to skip or avoid their thirtieth birthday, but I was excited for it to come. I am excited to be thirty. A new decade to create a lot of new memories! The day started out with a few wonderful surprises from my students. Then my wonderful Scott stopped by and brought me beautiful flowers, lunch and treats to share with all of my students. Then that blessed man stayed and graded papers for a couple of hours.

When I got home from work, Scott was there to take me to dinner at PF Changs with just the two of us. Then we joined up with our good friends Kari and Tyler to go bowling. Scott and I had never been bowling together before, so this was a special treat.

When we got home from bowling, we had cake. Not just any cake, but a cake that Scott made. My favorite birthday cake... cherry chip with cherry flavored icing. I was so impressed with his cake making skills. He worked so hard on it.

I know that at this point you are all thinking what a wonderful man I have, but it gets better. He bought me some Burt's Bee's exfoliating scrub and lotion and he washed my feet and gave me the best foot rub in the world. He knows I love foot rubs. My day was perfect.

Thank you Scott for the best birthday ever!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Few Bridals...

A few people expressed the desire to see a few of my bridal photos. Here they are!

Shower of all Showers...

Do you see those mini wedding cakes above? SO CUTE! They even had their very own individual wedding ring attached!

I'm pretty much just the luckiest girl ever. My sister Jody flew into town to throw me the best bridal shower imaginable. There were so many who came to support me and I felt so loved. Two of my sister-in-laws also drove down from Washington for the big event. It was incredible. They went all out and made the day so memorable.

My mom and sister Jody (the mastermind behind it all)

Fun gift boxes for all who attended

One of my best friends Rebekah and her sweet Grace

Callie (a dear friend who drove all the way from Idaho) and Kari (my roommate)

Tami Lewis (cousin) and Aunt Nedra... they came all the way from Monticello

They made me wear the bride sash and veil. I felt silly at first, but it was really rather fun

Opening up gifts... I got many scandalous ones, which was SO much fun!

Scott's mom and many of his sisters and sisters-in-law came

My cousin Trisdan, who I haven't seen in years... what a great surprise!

Cousin Ashley and Aunt Donna

Great friend Kim Winterton